Do you ever scroll through your news feeds and stop on those eye-catching, beautifully photographed images? Whether it’s a product or an influencer wearing a cute outfit, it gets your attention. Why is that? When we see these images it gives us a glance at possibilities, it allows us to picture ourselves using that product. You might think to yourself, “That outfit would be perfect for my event!” or, “That table would make my dining room look amazing!”. It allows the consumer to visualize that lifestyle for themselves. Still on the fence? Here are 3 benefits to using brand photography.

Brand photography can set you apart from competitors. Work with a photographer to establish a “look” for your photos to create brand recognition. Your products don’t need to be shot on a plain white backdrop but do keep them looking uniform. This could be in the form of a filter you use on all of your photos or shooting your products with similar styles/themes.

It allows you to tell your story. Whether it’s you or a product that’s been photographed, let your personality shine through. Your potential customer is going to connect more with a real person than someone who is staging photos. We are so used to seeing “perfection” on social media, but it’s more relatable and authentic to see the silly imperfect side of things too. Be you!

It looks professional. Having beautiful photographs of your products shows your potential customer that these are products you are proud of. It helps to reassure them that this is something worth spending their money on. Let’s face it, we like “pretty” things and that’s what draws us in initially. First impressions are key and an easy way to do that is with beautiful packaging and photos.

Getting brand photos might seem overwhelming to think about but It doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need a studio and expensive equipment. If it’s not in your budget to hire a professional, you can get by with an iPhone and a photo editing app. If you don’t feel confident in your photography skills and don’t have the money to hire a professional, reach out to local photography schools. Students will usually work for lower rates or even exchange services for portfolio work. Whatever route you take just be consistent. Commit to your style and make it your own!